Pilates has helped those living with Scoliosis.  Read on to learn more about Pilates exercises for those with living with this condition.

I would like to acknowledge having worked with Karen Clippinger, M.S.P.E., who taught the formatted Pilates exercises to help those with scoliosis. The Pilates Room is proud to offer private and semi-private Pilates sessions, in addition to building healthy working relationships with those who become clients.


Scoliosis, defined as a bone condition, involves an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine.   This condition inflicts about 2% of the U.S.  Whereas; females have a higher index and experience greater severity than males.

There are two types, discussed here.  Nonstructural scoliosis can improve with specific treatment.  The second type, known as structural may be present at birth and caused by genetics, trauma, or neuromuscular conditions (abnormal muscles or nerves).

How Pilates exercise will help those living with Scoliosis

Pilates exercises will strengthen intrinsic muscles and increase flexibility.  Lateral flexion is seen in some of these exercises and will increase symmetry and balance to the thoracic spine.  Working through the range of motion and specific upper back exercises improves the mobility of the upper to mid back or thoracic spine.  Lumbar and Pelvic activities such as the Bridge, or Single Leg Stretch will increase the strength and mobility of the abdominal or other related lumbar and pelvic muscles.  The two regions of the spine discussed, thoracic and lumbar, are areas to focus on those with scoliosis.

All Pilates exercises use either resistance training or weight bearing techniques.  The equipment is known as the Pilates reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, and Barrel.  There is no impact on the joints as related to most weight-bearing exercises.   During your first consultation, we discuss a client history and address your questions.  Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

Author: Michele McCauley, The Pilates Room
Date: March 13, 2018
Narrative: Karen Clippinger, M.S.P.E.