Pilates for Athletes is a practice worth considering, whether you are a college athlete, weekend warrior or a professional or elite athlete. Are you are looking to improve your agility, power, speed, balance, breathing, strength, or flexibility? Pilates will teach the body better alignment, strength and flexibility, without impacting the joints.

Pilates for Athletes include exercises that improve spinal functions. Forward flexion, for example, is one spinal movement that performs exercises, while engaging the abdominal muscles and stabilizing the hip flexors. The full practice will perform exercises while prioritizing the spinal function, breath, and flow of movement.

As a result, the body works more efficiently like a well-oiled machine. The front side, backside, and lateral sides of the body are working together as one. Pilates exercises performed 2-3 times per week will provide maximum benefit.

Pilates for Athletes is a great form of rehabilitation. Which makes it a great choice to regain strength and flexibility and reduce the risk of reinjury. Injuries to the back, neck, shoulders, knees, and hips are most common. Pilates includes resistance training and low weight-bearing exercises.

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