What are you missing from your workout? Is it flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, cardio, mental peace? With one session of Pilates, you can achieve all of this….so why aren’t you doing Pilates?

Joseph Pilates, born in the late 1800s, is credited to his strong work in sports and fitness. After WWI, Joseph Pilates developed exercises for the military using bed springs and beer keg rings, which simulate today’s current equipment like the Reformer and Magic Circle.

Pilates came to New York in the late 1920s with his wife, Clara. Ballet dancers practiced Pilates, as they found the exercises are effective in keeping core muscles strong, increased flexibility for long limbs, and better posture. These exercises are currently used today to make athletes stronger in sports like cycling, swimming, running, surfing, golf, tennis, and Yoga too.

Just an hour of Pilates is far more effective than an hour in the gym. Why? The body utilizes more muscles in one Pilates exercise than in most weight bearing workouts. Also the most crucial benefit of Pilates being, that there is no impact on the joints.

Many physical therapists are now using Pilates exercises as part of their rehabilitation program. The exercises are performed with muscular control with emphasis on drawing energy from the core. And again, no impact on the joints! Many people suffer from back pain. Tight hamstrings, weak hips, and no core strength are often the contributing factors to back pain. Pilates focuses on building core strength and spinal alignment; the end result is better posture and no back pain.

I started practicing Pilates a decade ago, during my third year of running road races. After practicing Pilates for just one year, I was the second place female finalist in a local 5 mile road race. This was astonishing to me and I credit Pilates for my increased performance in skiing, cycling, and swimming too!

Since 2008, I have instructed Pilates to an outstanding number of people. Each client is designed an individually, customized program to help regain flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, cardio, and mental peace. We work together to maximize their abilities and limitations to reach their fitness goals. I am quite accustomed in working with clients of all ages and fitness levels.

If you would like to learn how to intensify your mat practice in Pilates or Yoga, become stronger and faster in your sport, eliminate back pain, and discover the other numerous benefits Pilates has to offer, then visit The Pilates Studio for a demonstration. We can be reached at (603) 817-4829.