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Pilates exercise on the Reformer.

Reformer Pilates sessions at offered at The Pilates Room, a fully equipped studio located in downtown Portsmouth, close to Seacoast New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

Reformer Pilates have become the best workout in 2024. Each session last one hour long and are booked by appointment. We offer privates and semi-private classes in a beautiful boutique studio. Book your free 30-minute consultation and session today!

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a fantastic way to enhance your Pilates practice. It involves using a specialized piece of equipment called a reformer, which consists of a sliding carriage, springs, straps, and bars. The reformer provides resistance and support, allowing for a wide range of exercises to be performed in various positions.

One of the great things about Reformer Pilates is its versatility. It can be tailored to different fitness levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and offers both strength-building and flexibility-enhancing benefits. Plus, because it provides adjustable resistance, it can help target specific muscle groups more effectively.

Whether you’re looking to improve core strength, increase flexibility, rehabilitate from an injury, or just add variety to your workout routine, Reformer Pilates offers a comprehensive and challenging workout experience. It’s definitely worth trying if you have the opportunity!

Private and Semi-Private Reformer Pilates sessions

In a private session, the focus is on your individual practice with a strong focus on form. The attention and focus of the session is to improve alignment, pace and breathing. The equipment includes a Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, Barrel, and lots of small equipment. Practicing two times a week is ideal to build core strength and improve your posture.

Pilates exercise on the Reformer.
Chest press with one red spring.

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Working with Southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas in Dover, Hampton, Rye, Portsmouth, New Castle, Exeter, Stratham, and southern Maine areas in Kittery, Eliot and York.

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Roasted Beets with Rosemary and Thyme

These fresh beets are super sweet and delicious and with the addition of olive oil and fresh rosemary and thyme, they taste like summer! The garlic bulbs are roasted to perfection and are a perfect complement to the beets.

  • Fresh springs rosemary
  • Fresh thyme *dried will work too
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic bulbs, 5-6 peeled
  • Salt, Pepper
  • 1 lb. fresh beets, rinsed and scrub skin off*

* I use a “go daddy” yellow sponge and it works great to scrub the thin beet skin until they look bright red:)O

Heat your oven to 375 degrees. Drizzle oil over a piece of aluminum foil. Place beets in a bowl and stir in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Add the garlic bulbs (5-6), or more, and combine with the beets. Sprinkle with just a tad more olive oil and cracked black pepper. Roll the aluminum foil up and over the beets, making a foil packet.

Roast the beets for 50 minutes or until tender.

For more healthy garden vegetable recipes, www.thepilatesroomnh/

Kombucha Home Recipe

February 5, 2024
Kombucha in one-gallon glass jar.

Kombucha is a fermented beverage hosting many health benefits.

I started my first batch of Kombucha with a Scoby that I bought from a nearby health food store. In the past decade, I made one good batch after another until I had fourteen glass jars sitting in the kitchen! My first production stopped since I moved into another kitchen.

Kombucha in one-gallon glass jar.
Kombucha in one-gallon glass jar.

Second time around for my next batch of Kombucha

This time of year, I am focused on healthy eating and drinking Kombucha is part of my plan. I currently have one Kombucha brewing in a one-gallon glass jar. There are about ten to 15 Scoby’s that have formed into one big Scoby. Each batch turns out just right and I am a happy Kombucha camper! If you would like to learn more about buying a Scoby, please contact

Kombucha recipe for first batch

Makes 4 pint size jars

  • one gallon glass jar* see notes
  • Cheesecloth and a rubber band
  • Scoby plus 1/2 cup Kombucha*see notes (either fresh or from a bottle of storebought Kombucha)
  • 6 cups of filtered water*see notes
  • 1 cup cane sugar*see notes
  • 8 black tea bags

The first step is sanitizing your equipment, washing your hands, and working with a clean surface. The one-gallon glass jar can be run through the dishwasher or washed with hot water and soap. Making sure your glass jar is dry and clean.

To make the tea, boil 6 cups of filtered water and 1 cup cane sugar in a saucepot. Bring to a boil, without stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Turn off the heat, add 8 black tea bags. Cover the pot with a lid and let cool completely, or overnight.

Add the Scoby, 1/2 cup prepared Kombucha and the tea into the glass jar. Cover the glass jar with a small piece of cheesecloth and a rubber band. Sit the jar, in a dark area that does not get sunlight for 7-10 days.

Try your Kombucha for taste. Kombucha is a preferred taste. I like mine to have a bite and taste a bit bubbly. Each batch should have some carbonation, that occurs during the fermenting process. Pour your Kombucha into pint size glass jars and keep refrigerated.

The second Kombucha batch

Save your Scoby and about 1 cup of fresh Kombucha for your next batch. Store the Scoby and Kombucha in a clean one glass jar, covered, until you are ready to make your next batch.

To make the second batch, repeat the tea process and make sure you follow the instructions listed above. May you have many epic batches of Kombucha forever and more!


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