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Pilates works for everybody who is looking for a strength training practice that does not impact your joints.

Portsmouth, NH

Reformer Exercise

Named after Joseph Pilates (1800), who is given credit for developing the exercises and concepts of the practice.  Over the past century, Pilates has gained recognition as being a form of strength training utilizing body resistance and is unlike any other strength training practice in this way. Pilates works for everybody; nothing shapes your body the way Pilates does! “10 sessions to feel the difference, 20 to notice a difference, 30 for a whole new body.” Another name for the Pilates practice is Contrology.

Pilates on and off the mat

Reformer Pilates is practiced using a spring-loaded machine and sliding carriage.  There are straps for your hands and practicing feet, along with a foot bar, shoulder pads, and headrest.  Each exercise begins with breathing and controlled movement which offers NO impact on your joints.  Reformer Pilates improves back pain and alignment.  This practice will intensify your mat practice in either Pilates or Yoga.

Mat Pilates is also very convenient and can be practiced anywhere without the use of expensive equipment.  As little as a practicing ten minutes, a day can provide benefits for the body/mind.  Roll out your mat and get ready for a total body workout!

Physical Benefits

Flexibility:  You may not be flexible now; however, flexibility improves over time with a dedicated practice.  We recommend 2 to 3 days per week for optimal results.

Spinal Health: Offers great flexibility to your spine which allows the body to move with ease and eliminates pain associated with the lumbar or sacral spine.  Our spine moves in 6 directions which teach the body to bend forward/backward, rotate side to side, and neutral or imprint spine.  As spinal mobility and alignment increases, better posture means reduced pain, improved respiratory system, and core control.

Core Strength:   Your “powerhouse’ or core center initiates every exercise.  Stronger core muscles offer better balance and coordination in other sports (running, cycling, and swimming) or body mechanics (sitting, standing, and walking).

Shoulder stability: Joints and muscles, in the shoulder,  move in a circulation motion.  Scapular isolation allows the body to bring the shoulder blades closer to the spine.  Which also increases the strength and mobility of the rotator cuff muscles.  Shoulder stablility is important for golfers, baseball, cycling, tennis and better posture, overall.

Increased range of motion, balance, strength, and coordination: The entire body is strengthened and lengthened.  This is a result of isolating and contracting muscles in the core, upper and lower body, hips/glutes, upper back, and ankle/feet.  Therefore, there is no better practice than Pilates to teach the body strength, flexibility, balance, control, and fluidity.

Body Awareness: Pilates will teach you how to isolate muscle groups and target the core body.  Body awareness is helpful to walk, run, or move with more confidence.

Mental Benefits

Mental Focus: Your breath is synchronized with your movent.  Overall, breathing will calm your mind and help you focus on the exercises.  Increased focus will improve brain-focusing tasks like math, making lists, driving, reading, etc.

Concentration: The practice trains your body and teaches your mind how to move with control.  Over time, the mind and body become one.

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