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The Pilates Room - beach yoga

“4 days left to the wedding, and I owe it Bridal Bootcamp.  I feel my best for my wedding day,” quoted by my best friend, Julie who loves Bridal Bootcamp.  Julie, like so many brides-to-be, can relate.  Who doesn’t want to feel their best on the most important day, your wedding day?

Being fit, according to science, will lead to living a healthy lifestyle.  The more fit, the healthy we eat and the less stress we have, ultimately leads to a leading a healthy lifestyle.  As a new couple, the best start is a healthy start.

Managing Stress before Your Wedding Day

Finding a way to handle your stress becomes our first task.  Everyone has stress! It’s how we cope with it that matters.  Cardio exercise is one of the best methods to increase your endorphins.  Increased endorphins will make you happy and reduce your stress levels.  Breathing techniques will calm your heart rate down.  One of my favorite breathing techniques: inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 8 seconds. This is one great way to manage your stress.

One of my favorite mindfulness activities is to be fully present.  For example, while walking, I am focused on every footstep, the length of my stride, and the sound of my breath.  If I lose track and my mind starts to wander, I come back to my breath.  Trying to be present while doing anything, i.e., washing dishes, making dinner, eating dinner, having sex, takes practice.      Learning breathing techniques, they are about 500 breath patterns exist; you can stay focused and stress-less on your wedding day too.


Regular workouts can keep you stress-less too.  Feeling good inside and out makes a complete difference in your self-esteem.  Your confidence and energy levels will soar!  Keeping the body healthy will increase your self-awareness.  Improving your strength and flexibility will increase your balance, stability, and control.  If you are an Athlete, you will become a stronger athlete. Doing activities can be a great bonding experience.  Some activities include running, cycling, hiking, swimming, skiing, tennis, golf, and kayaking.  Athletes Who Use Pilates

Bridal Bootcamp Classes

We offer private and small group training.  Contact or call 603-817-4829

The Pilates Room - beach yoga

Beach Yoga in Jenness Beach, NH

  • Pilates, mat or Reformer
  • Beach Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Body Resistance Training with props
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Couples Partner Yoga

Live Healthy and Fit Together After Your Wedding Day

Cooking together can be a bonding activity!  A kitchen is a place to socialize with your family and friends, an outlet for creativity, and a place to cook healthy meals.   During your Healthy lifestyle session, we can discuss a range of topics.  These topics will include healthy recipes, cooking tips, buying healthy foods, maintaining a fitness regime, and tips on staying mindful throughout your day.  Couples partner yoga can rejuvenate your body and mind connection.  For more information, please email or call 603-817-4829

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