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The Worst Hangover!!

February 25, 2016

So it’s my bday!! and my dear friend hands me a most delicious looking lemon raspberry cupcake with white chocolate shavings. Looking at it, I am touched by his generosity, thank him and wonder what I was going to do with it. Well getting home 20 minutes later after Yoga, I bring the cupcake inside and decide to take a small bite, trying to remember the last time I had eaten cake or even white flour products (must be at least 3 years). The first bite was delicious, the second bite even better, and this cupcake became dinner. Well I did enjoy each bite, thinking to eat a few pepper strips and some plain yogurt to add some nutrient density to my “dinner.” I drank a big glass of water and fell into bed about 90 minutes later. This “dinner” was a far cry from my usual tempeh and fresh broccoli stir fries made with cumin, coconut oil. ginger and garlic. (more…)

Core exercises can improve your posture, make everyday activities such as bending or twisting much easier, reduce low back pain, and even improve your balance and lessen the risk of falling. Core work should be part of a well-rounded workout routine.

Do you need Pilates?

February 22, 2016

What are you missing from your workout? Is it flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, cardio, mental peace? With one session of Pilates, you can achieve all of this….so why aren’t you doing Pilates?

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