Located in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire, The Pilates Room
(by MovementByMichele) is a contemporary Pilates and Yoga studio
that offers professional instruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.

The Pilates Room, Portsmouth, NH


The Pilates Room offers private and semi-private classes in Reformer and mat Pilates. Pilates targets back-pain issues, shoulder rehabilitation, and knee problems, and is an ideal exercise regimen for those who are dedicated to increased strength without impacting the joints. Tennis players, golfers, cyclists, and runners can improve core strength, muscle awareness, coordination, balance, and overall total body strength and flexibility. Many satisfied customers have experienced significantly improved strength and flexibility using a consistent Pilates practice.

The Pilates Room - beach yoga


Recommended by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), Yoga offers numerous benefits including a stronger physical, mental, and emotional awareness. We are currently booking offsite Yoga classes for corporate clientele, athletes, beach Yoga, Yoga for kids, and Acroyoga.  Michele is certified in Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Movement Disorders, and HeartRise Child’s Yoga. Discover how Yoga can help you build awareness, flexibility, strength, balance and peace of mind. Call us today at (603) 817-4829 for more information or to book at appointment.

The Pilates Room - nutrition for wellness


A healthy diet is an important contributor to your well-being. Michele McCauley is a Johnson and Wales University trained culinary chef, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association. Michele offers nutrition workshops that complement her classes. Browse our Food For Thought posts for nutritious and delicious recipes.

Pelvic diagram

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction, also known as PFD, is caused by weak or tight pelvic floor muscles. The pelvis, also called the pelvic ring, is a roughly cylindrical shape composed of several articulating or fused bones plus associated muscles (e.g. those making up the “pelvic floor”) and ligaments (above). It receives the weight of the upper body and passes this weight on to the lower limbs via its articulations with the femurs. The stress in activities, such as walking or jumping, is absorbed by the pelvic floor muscles.

Click here to visit our page describing pelvic floor dysfunction, who is susceptible, and what you can do about it.

Find Your Balance

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  • Running for Fitness, Walking for Fun Learn more about foot/knee/hip alignment and how Pilates can help.

    Event:                          Open House
    Date:                            tbd soon!! please check back
    Time:                            5 pm – 7pm
    Location:                      The Pilates Room, 410 High Street, Portsmouth, NH

    The Pilates Room, Portsmouth, NH

    I look forward to sharing this event with all of you! Please bring and tell your family and friends. There is metered parking on High Street and Deer Street and The Pilates Room is located at 410 The Hill, a short walk from downtown Portsmouth. Look for our sidewalk sign.

    There will be a live Pilates Reformer and apparatus Demonstration, plus a chance to enter our raffle. We will have light refreshments, free postural analysis and more! Mark your calendars! RSVP is kind but also optional.

    Michele, owner and head instructor, will be there to answer your questions and schedule a consultation. A postural analysis will be completed at the time of your consultation. Learn how Pilates can build strength and flexibility without impacting your joints, proper breathing technique, and connecting body and mind awareness.

    NEW Pre and Post Natal Pilates classes available

    NEW Small Group (3-6) people Circuit Classes – Do you have a small group of family or friends that want to learn Pilates?  This class is designed for you, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. * call to book your session at 603-817-4829 and please visit our booking page https://thepilatesroomnh.com/book-an-appointment/


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